Frequently Asked Questions

Is Filming Louisiana free?
Yes, Filming Louisiana is free to all.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?
No, you need no form of payment to sign up, this is a free service and
we will not need your credit card information.

Who can join Filming Louisiana?
Anyone who has anything to do with filming in Louisiana including any
crew members, talent, services, businesses, or even if you have a
location you think would be good for filming can all sign up, it is
free to everyone.

How do I sign up to Filming Louisiana?
You just follow the easy to fill out form which will only take a few
minutes.  After filling out the form you will receive an email for
confirmation from Filming Louisiana to the email address you provide.
It will have a link to acknowledge that you filled out the form, you
simply click it and it will immediately add you to the database.

What should I put in the description box?
You should add anything you can think of that might help you secure a
job.  Please do not forget to mention what films you previously work
on and if you have not worked on a film then just write a small
description of what you would like to do, can do or what kind of
service you offer.

What do I need to sign up for Filming Louisiana?
Have all of your information ready.  You will need your company name,
address, email and website if you have one, a picture if it applies,
and the rest of your contact information. You will be asked what films
you have worked on also.  If you have not worked on a film you can
leave it blank. Remember, you can not go back so have everything
ready.  It is a free service so no credit card information will be
needed and no payment will be needed.

Does Filming Louisiana sell your information?
No, we do not give out your information except to industry
professionals but we will not give out any more information than you
have listed on our site and we will never sell your information to
outside sources.  Your information is safe with Filming Louisiana.

What if I fill out my information incorrectly on your site?
All you have to do is email and we will
help you fix any issues you may have.

Can I advertise on you website?
Yes, just email us at  and we can give you
pricing and terms.

Can I suggest something to your website?
Yes, we are always open to suggestions so if you have any suggestions
feel free to contact us at .

Are you going to have a hard copy of your database available?
Yes, we are working on a bi-annual magazine which will list everyone
on the website in a listing in the magazine for free.  If you would
like to have a larger listing or an advertisement you can contact us
at and we can send you information on our
advertising rates.

What if I see an improper listing or someone listing incorrect information?
If you see anything improper, vulgar or incorrect please contact us at and we will remove it.

Can you guarantee me a job in the film industry?
No, anyone can get into working in film with hard work but there are
never guarantees that you will be in front of the camera or behind the

As a production company how do I find people on your site?
You can search our site by using the easy to find positions that are
alphabetically.  Additionally you can find people by area of
Louisiana.  You can get basic information about whom and what you are
looking for as well as email addresses and website addresses of

Can you help us find certain people on your site Filming Louisiana?

We are here to assist you in any way we can and if they are listed on
our site we can help you find what you are looking for.

Do you guarantee each listing is correct and member’s resumes are correct?

No, we have no way of knowing whether someone is telling the truth but
we do go through each member listed and try to make sure each member
is legitimate.

How do you promote members to production companies?
We promote our site through all means of adverting available including
internet, print and subscription.  You too can help promote the site
by telling all of your friends about the site.  The more people that
know about the site the better of a chance of you finding work.  We
will get our site out to all production companies possible.

How does Filming Louisiana make money?
Like you, we work in the film industry in Louisiana and we want to
have the most comprehensive database in Louisiana and that is why it
is free.  We make money off of people who would like to advertise on
our site and people who will want to advertise in our Film Resource

Is our database safe?
Yes, we take every precaution to take care of our website and your
information.  We do not store our database locally.  It is stored in
another location and is backed up regularly.  No database is
completely safe and we do not guarantee against hackers but we do take
every precaution available to make our site as safe as it can be.  We
do not store credit card information on our site and we do not ask for
credit card information.