If you would like to see the advertising rates for our magazine we have a simple PDF sample magazine which will show you the layout of the advertising space and pricing. With the sample magazine you can get an idea of the size of advertising that you may want and what your budget will allow. If you do not choose to have an additional ad you will still receive the free ad which is also in the sample magazine.

Filming Louisiana has made it simple to buy ads directly on the site. If you choose to advertise in our magazine in addition to the free listing we have made it simple. Just log into and log into your “User Panel” and then click “Purchase print ad”.

If you choose to have us design your ad we will send you a proof of your ad and give you the option to change it or approve the ad for print. If you have an ad ready for print you can just upload it to the site and we will take of it from there.

Your ad needs to be CMYK in color and 300dpi. You can send a JPG or a PSD. We do not need the layers so a flattened image will be fine. You will need the file to be the size of your ad you purchase. An example is, if you have a full page ad your ad should be 8”x10” and 300 dpi.

After you pick your size ad you would like to purchase you can upload an art ready ad or skip the step until later, then it will take you through the payment center. After you have paid we will confirm with you what size ad you have purchased and get it ready for print. It is just that simple and we want to keep it that simple.

If you need additional information about our magazine or ads you may email us at and we can answer any questions you may have. Our magazine is printed in Louisiana, by people who work in the Louisiana film industry.