Crew / Services / Video Engineer

Mathews, Brian -

Welcome to the Rileys (Set PA) Joan Rivers How'd You Get So Rich? (PA) Mardi Gras (Set PA) Right Guard Commercial (Set PA) Imagination Movers (Set PA) Robosapien:Rebooted (VFX Assistant) 13 Fear Is Real (PA) National Geographic Channel Inside Series (Set PA) Pro's Vs. Joe's New Orleans (Office PA) Disney's Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! (Set PA) 2008 NBA All-star Weekend (PA) Still Photo Set experience shooting HDR's for Post Production VFX Live Video, LIghting and Camera Experience at over 100 Large Venue Concerts
Cities: Baton Rouge, New Orleans

Services: Production Assistant (Set P.A.), Production Assistant, Video Engineer
Address: 1215 Valmont Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 505-319-1247
Cell: 505-319-1247

Guidry, Albert -

Independent producer working in high definition. Camera and post-production. Completed one documentary which aired on Louisiana Public Broadcasting and WYES in New Olreans. Working on second documentary. Genre is primarily fine arts although I also produce a sermon each week for King James Bible Baptist Church in Covington, LA.
Cities: New Orleans

Services: Video Engineer, Sound Editors/Audio Engineers, Art Galleries/Artist
Address: 1436 Aztec Ave.
Metairie, Louisiana 70005-1206
Phone: 504-835-8165
Cell: NONE