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speed, ken -

walker tx ranger perfect day the doors week end at bernies
Cities: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, Shreveport

Services: Special Effects Coordinator, Special Effects Companies & Supplies, Explosives / Powder Person
Address: 9618 jefferson highway
baton rouge, la 70809
Phone: 2252842895
Cell: 9546157533

McGahey, Michael -

Extra as a cop for Breakout Kings, season 2, episode, filmed in Baton Rouge, LA LA Army National Guard - Combat Engineer (explosives)
Cities: Baton Rouge

Services: Extras Casting/Company, Explosives / Powder Person, Production Assistant (Set P.A.)
Address: 652 Concordia St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone: 225-932-0360
Cell: 225-333-7405

Hava, Mark - HAVA FX, LLC.

IATSE Local 479 Member in good standing, ATF&E Card, CDL References: Michael Lantieri, David Pahoa, Yves Debono, Marc Banich, Bill Harrison, Scott Dwyer, Ken Van Order, Jeremy Brock, Alex Pilgrim, Jack Manis, David Nash, Griff Furst, Isaiah Laborde. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul – David Bowers Director, Tony Richmond ASC, Michael Lantieri, David Pahoa FX 20th Century Fox – Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, Tim Bourne & Jeff Kinney Mudbound – SFX Set Foreman, Storyteller FX, Bob Riggs, Dee Rees Director, Rachel Morrison DP American Made – SFX Tech, Pyro Tech, Stunt Driver – Rob Alonzo & Joey Box Stunts, Dave Fletcher, Jim Roberts, Michael Clark, additional photography, New Orleans Unit - airplane stunt. Jack Reacher - Never Go Back – SFX Tech, Pyro Tech - Garry Elmendorf, Garry Cooper, John Wonser, S. Garcia, M. Bisetti Magnificent Seven – SFX Tech, Pyro Tech – Yves Debono, Marc Banich, Antoine Fuqua, Wendy Williams, Mauro Fiore DP, Cold Moon – SFX Supervisor - Curmudgeon Productions, Griff Furst Directing, Isaiah Laborde Producer, Tom Calloway DP My Father Die – SFX Tech, Pyro Tech - Ron Trost, John Baker - Filicide'LLC, Sean Brosnan, Brooks Kephart UPM My Invisible Sister – SFX Mechanical SFX Supervisor – Disney – Paul Hoen, Michael Cuddy UPM, Paige Pemberton PC The Whole Truth – SFX Coordinator - Palmstar Entertainment – Keanu Reeves, Rene Zellweger, Jim Belushi. Courtney Hunt Burnt – SFX Coordinator – New Orleans Unit - Bradley Cooper, Jamie Dorrnan, Michael Shamberg. Impact Earth – SFX Pyro Supervisor - Starz - Conor Riley, Rex Piano, Barker White, Sean P. O’Reagan. Terminator Genisys – SFX Assistant Pyro Forman, SFX Pyro Tech - John Gray, Andy Weder and Mark Hawker. Cat Run 2 – SFX Supervisor - John Stockwell Director, Peter Holland DP. Bic Tran & Bill Perkins Producing. Sons of Guns – Pyro Supervisor – Season 5, Jupiter Entertainment. Joe Meaux, Michael Twardy & Steve Purcell. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – SFX Pyro Tech with Doug Passarelli, John Baker, Lawrence Decker & Matt Kutcher, Picture Car Tech, welding and wood fabrication with Bus Bill. Fox Productions Hellion – SFX Pyro Supervisor– Director Kat Candler, 1st AD Michelle Millette, Andrew Logan Producing Grudge Match – SFX Tech. Storyteller FX – Bob Riggs, John Baker - Sly Stallone, Robert DeNiro, Allen Arkin, Kim Bassinger Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators – SFX Supervisor, Pyro Coordinator – Producer Daniel Lewis, Stephen Furst - Director American Idol (Promo – Baton Rouge, LA) – SFX Pyro Supervisor – Geri Schary Designer Ghost Shark – SFX Supervisor– Griff Furst Director, Tom Callaway DP, Stunt Coordinator – Bill Sharpf Escape Plan – SFX Pyro Tech - Michael Lantieri, Bruce Minkus, Jay King, Roland Loew, & Ron Epstein. Twelve Years A Slave – SFX Pyro Tech Fabrication for SFX Coordinator David Nash. The Bag Man – SFX Tech – Peter Chesney SFX Coordinator, Katey Riggs pyro, Emmett Kane & Kim Derry. American Horror House - SFX Coordinator, Darin Scott Director, Griff Furst, Active Entertainment, Daniel Lewis Producing. Heebie Jeebies - SFX Coordinator, Ken Badish & Griff Furst Producers, Tom Calloway DP, Bill Sharpf Stunts Winged Terror - SFX Coordinator, Active Entertainment, Tom Calloway DP Haunted High - SFX Coordinator, Brendan Garst UPM -, John Sudol 1st AD, Jeffery Lando Dir. Bullet To The Head – SFX Pyro Tech, Bill Harrison, John Baker & Bob Riggs. Killing Them Softly - SFX Tech, Bob Riggs, John Baker, Marshal Broyles, David Nash. Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, Scoot McNairy, James Gandolfini, Ben Mendelsohn, Richard Jenkins. Dede Gardner Producer, Anthony Katagas LP. Drew Brees / Day-Quil TV Commercial – SFX Supervisor. Tom Lisowski – Designer Meeting Evil - SFX Foreman, David Nami FX, Chris Fisher Director, Brad Krevoy Producer, Justin Bursch Producer Miami Magma - SFX Coordinator for DP Lorenzo Sanatore. Active Entertainment, Eric Miller Line Producer Green Lantern - SFX Pyro Tech, 1st Unit SFX Tech, Bill Harrison, John Baker, Clay Pinney. Bob Riggs The Lucky One - SFX Tech, David Nami FX Coordinator. Storm War – SFX Supervisor - Eric Miller UPM, Griff Furst Producer, Todor Chapkanov Director Colombiana - SFX Coordinator NOLA, for Alex Corvin UPM. Red - SFX Pyro Tech, additional photography, Bruno Van Zeebroeck SFX Coordinator, Heath Hood forman, & Dave Nami FX. Jonah Hex - SFX & Pyro Tech, David Waine SFX Supervisor, Josh Hakian
Cities: Alexandria

Services: Special Effects Coordinator, Special Effects Companies & Supplies, Explosives / Powder Person
Address: 124 Oak Leaf Dr.
Slidell, LA 70461
Phone: 504-606-0929
Cell: 504-606-0929

holton, sean -

Film History: Crew L.A. Dirt (post production) Key Grip 2012 Deadliest Prey (post production) Gaffer 2012 Relentless Justice (post production) Key Grip 2012 Gemini Rising Construction Coordinator 2011 Breath Of Hate Grip 2011 Maximum Breakout Grip 1991 Lock ‘n’ Load First Assistant Director 1990 Order Of The Eagle Grip 1989 Night Wars Grip 1988 Mankillers Grip 1988 Death Chase Grip 1988 Deadly Prey Grip 1987 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Filmaugraphy: I began in the film industry as an extra in a movie at the age of 18years old and became so interested in every aspect of filming I jumped right in, volunteering myself in any position available. Because of that tenacity I was able to learn almost every phase of filming. I also found a passion for Special Effects and over years of apprenticeships with known Effects Artists in the industry eventually formed my own company called “Tomisha Effects” and enjoyed many years of success. But always found myself missing the rigging and building that comes with the grip department. I took a hiatus for awhile and became a General and Electrical Contractor. And have recently had the opportunity to get back into the industry and have found a new “Gaffing”, having spent years installing custom lighting found it to come nautral as well as already having a working knowledge of gaffing. Qualifications: I am knowledgeable of most grip and lighting packages,, props, set design and construction, project management, problem solving, shooting schedules, shot lists, call sheets, day out of days, contractual agreements, location scouting. Can rig or build almost anything needed and can do it out of almost anything. Most of my experience is on low budget projects, which you must be more creative and ended up developing a nick name on sets “McGuyver”. You need it, I will figure out a way to make it happen, which also goes with my energy on the set, which ,ask anyone who has worked with me, will tell you im am a positive attitude now make what’s going on. I also demand that of my crew, i do not tolerate negative attitude, for that can change everyone else’s around and possibly filter down to the actors on set. I am a licensed General and Electrical contractor and have extensive experience with electrical tie in, load calculation, load distribution, electrical panels as well as structural loads and all phases of construction. Deadliest Prey (post production) Special Effects 2012 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up Special Effects Crew 1995 976 Evil Special Effects 1994 Warlock 2 Special Effects Crew 1994 Center Of The Web Special Effects 1992 Maximum Breakout Special Effects 1991 Presumed Guilty Special Effects 1991 Lock ‘n’ Load Special Effects 1990 White Fury Special Effects 1990 Invasion Force Special Effects 1990 Final Sanction Special Effects 1990 Hell On The Battleground Special Effects 1989 Deadly Reactor Special Effects 1989 Order Of The Eagle Special Effects 1989 Time Burst Final Alliance Special Effects 1989 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lost Platoon Weapons Handler 1991 Time Burst Final Alliance Armorer 1989 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Center Of The Web Stunts 1992 Born Killers Stunts 1990 Time Burst Final Alliance Stunt Coordinator 1989 Deadly Reactor Stunts 1989 Order Of The Eagle Stunts 1989 Operation Warzone Stunts 1988 Night Wars Stunts 1988 Mankillers Stunts 1988 Death Chase Stunts 1988 Deadly Prey Stunts 1987 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filmaugraphy: The first film I worked on I was an extra at the age of 18yrs old. And instantly found a passion for Special Effects and the film industry. Over the next few years apprenticed with Effects Artist such as Fritz Matthews, Gary Beale, Kevin McCarthy of Wizard Effects and learned every phase of pyrotenics available to me at the time. Finally formed my own company called “Tomisha Effects” and Worked on my own for many years before being injured and choose to take a hiatus from the film industry and became a Licensed General and Electrical Contractor. Qualifications: Expert at rigging cars, boats, aircraft, buildings, miniatures and objects to partially or completely explode. Single to multiple body or head hits from bloody to gruesome. Bullet hits on any surface. I pride myself on efficiently designing and implementing effects that are both safe and executed exactly how they were designed in order for the shot. I am knowledgeable with multiple weapons from pistols to automatics ranging through many eras. Also hand weapons of all design and eras from switch blades to rapor/dagger. Work well with consulting actors of proper use and safety of their weapon in
Cities: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans

Services: Key Grip, Gaffer, Explosives / Powder Person
Address: 210 40th. st. n.w.
bradenton, florida 34209
Phone: 941-345-9736
Website: imdb page